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SAWADEE KAB, A Refreshing Thai Touch to Accompany Your Culinary

A unique and charming taste will bring anyone who tries it like a direct flight to the crowded and exotic Thailand. It's a refreshing drink with original freshness to complement our perfectly original Thai cuisine. We want our customers to taste the full spectrum of Thai flavors, not only on our food but also on our beverages.


Sawadee Kab is a creation that blends traditional Thai ingredients with mixology expertise. Made with precision and authentic touch, this is a tribute to the hospitality of Thailand. Customers can expect a symphony of flavor in every glass and every tasty tasting. A mixture of the freshness of cucumbers and lemons united with gin, lemongrass and basil in a refreshing tonic water. In a glass of Sawadee Kab also offers a touch of fragrances and herbs. 


Carefully made by his skilled craftsmen, ensuring that each glass captures the essence of Thailand. It serves as a pleasant companion to the restaurant menu by improving the overall dining experience. Whether you’re celebrating a special event, enjoying a meal with friends or just wanting to relax to refresh after a tiring day, Sawadee Kab is the perfect choice to take you into the touch of Thai essence. 


The next time you find yourself at Paed Thai, raise a glass of Sawadee Kab and toast to the captivating flavors of Thailand. Sawadee Kab indeed!